Make your G-spot bigger with hyaluronic acid infiltration.

What is it?

The G-SPOT is a procedure that consists of enlarging the woman’s G-spot by infiltration of hyaluronic acid, a compound based on natural collagen, in it. It is the same method that is followed to increase the volume of the lips but with a very different purpose.


G-spot augmentation may also be indicated for sexually active older women. In this case, the passage of time brings with it the aging of the internal feminine intimate mucosa. Also some loss of roughness and sensitivity in the area.

After G-Spot

It is recommended to wait at least three days to resume sexual activity after infiltration. However, the recovery is practically immediate and the results are evident from the first sexual relationship. Likewise, for the use of tampons it is recommended to wait about three days.


  • The intervention, which is ambulatory, takes a total of less than half an hour, during which the woman will be in the position of the gynecological examinations. It does not need previous tests as hyaluronic acid is totally biocompatible.
  • At first, a small amount of local anesthesia is administered or it can be done without it to proceed later with the infiltration that will last just a few seconds. After about 8 hours you could already have sexual encounters.
  • The effects will pass after about four months as the hyaluronic acid will be absorbed naturally by the body itself.


  • The intervention of the increase of the G-spot allows a posteriori to reach it, be located and stimulated in a much easier way. Consequently, sexual pleasure in women is increased considerably. With the increase in the G-spot, the internal diameter of the vaginal canal is also reduced. Something that also reverts to increased friction and pleasure. This last effect is of special interest for women who have had several natural births and whose vaginal diameter is dilated.

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