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Plastic surgery after bariatric procedure in Guadalajara

Are you looking for a specialist in plastic surgery after bariatric procedure in Guadalajara? I am Dr. Marcos González Landeros , Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I am about to complete a decade of experience in which I have cared for more than 3,000 patients and performed more than 6,000 procedures, always taking care of the most important thing: your health. Surgery and cosmetic procedures change, restore, or enhance your appearance.

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Plastic surgery after bariatric procedure in Guadalajara

Post-bariatric surgery is a set of surgical techniques that allow for the removal of excess skin in a patient, eliminating folds and tightening tissues, to achieve a harmonious and more aesthetic body appearance that also impacts emotional well-being.

plastic surgery after bariatric procedure in guadalajara

The time taken for this intervention varies, as multiple surgeries are often combined at once.

When the excess skin is removed, sutures are performed to create scars that are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and they might even be hidden within the natural folds of the skin.

It could be said that after a post-bariatric surgery, the patient finally has the perception of having completed the treatment that began when they decided to undergo surgery for weight loss.

What happens after post-bariatric surgery?

The post-operative processes and care are very important after the surgery. Some important details include:

  • The patient will remain hospitalized for 24 to 72 hours.
  • After hospital discharge, it will be essential to have several follow-up visits to monitor the healing process.
  • Suture removal usually takes place around 12 days.
  • The first stage of recovery concludes at approximately 15 days when the patient can resume their daily activities. This also depends on each case.
  • All the results of this intervention will become visible within 1 month.


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